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Ex professo - With competence
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Corporate Objective

Economic Law Advisers is an independent association of attorneys – at-law which specializes in providing legal advice on various business-related matters.

The Bar members are well-established and recognized legal practitioners with in-depth professional experience. They are also engaged in research and analytical work as many of them have academic degrees, publish their works in the national leading and foreign legal journals, are also authors of treatises and textbooks.

The members of Economic Bar of Sverdlovsk Oblast

Higher requirements to the attorneys qualifications and principles of corporate work enabled us to successfully complete a great deal of cases in favor of our clients, secure major investment projects and gain the well-deserved reputation for professionalism.

The Economic Law Advisers renders services to major state and private organizations, commercial banks, exchanges, investment companies, including foreign ones, well-known multinational companies which have investment programs in the Ural region.

The Bar members have represented the Governor and the government of Sverdlovsk Oblast and rendered legal assistance to the USA Consulate General which has recommended the Bar to all US citizens and companies who require representation in the Ural region.

The Bar attorneys have been involved in drafting regional and local regulations, are members of Research and Consultative Councils, appear as experts in courts, including the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation.

The Bar ensures a customer-oriented and comprehensive approach to all issues ranging from incorporation, state registration and licensing to all-round support in intricate reorganizations, insolvency (bankruptcy) and liquidation. Our close cooperation with major investment institutions, professional appraisers, auditors, notaries, attorneys from other cities and countries enables us to defend the interests of our clients with maximum efficiency.

The activities of the Bar are based strictly on following professional ethics, confidentiality of attorney-client privileged matters and preventing any conflicts of interests.

The attorneys of the Bar can work with documents in English, French and German. To facilitate negotiations with foreign clients we retain high-skilled interpreters.