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Economic Bar of Sverdlovsk Oblast is an independent association of attorneys – at-law which specializes in providing legal advice on various business-related matters.

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Code of professional ethics of attorneys

Adopted by the first all-Russia Congress of attorneys 31 January 2003 (changed and amended by the second all-Russia Congress of attorneys 08.04.2005). In accordance with the requirements provided for by the Federal Law ⌠On attorney activities and advocacy in the Russian Federation■ and with the goal of maintaining the professional honor, developing the traditions of Russian advocacy and understanding the moral responsibility before the society the attorneys of the RF are adopting this Code of professional ethics of attorneys.

The existence and activities of attorney community are impossible without observing corporate discipline and professional ethics, caring for attorney honor and dignity and for the prestige of advocacy.


Section 1

Principles and norms of professional conduct of attorney.


Article 1

The Code of professional ethics of attorney establishes the rules conduct obligatory for every attorney when carrying out attorney activities. They are founded on moral criteria and advocacy traditions, international standards and rules of attorney profession.

In their activities attorneys can be guided by the norms and rules of the general Code of rules for attorneys from the European Union so far as they do not contradict the law on attorney activities and advocacy and the provisions of this Code


Article 2:

1. This Code supplements the rules established in the law on attorney activities and advocacy.

2. No provision of this code can be interpreted as ordering or allowing actions contradicting the law on attorney activities and advocacy.


Article 3:

1. This Code is extended to all attorneys-at-law.

2. The attorneys (heading attorney firms or departments) are obliged to acquaint attorney assistants, attorney trainees and other staff with this Code and to make sure they abserve the relevant norms.


Article 4:

1. In any circumstances attorneys have to preserve honor and dignity distinctive for their profession.

2. The necessity to observe the rules of attorney profession follow from awarding the attorney status.

3. In cases when the issues of attorney professional ethics are not regulated by the law on attorney activities and advocacy or this Code, the attorney is obliged to observe the developed advocacy customs and traditions which correlate with the general moral principles reigning in the society.

4. In an attorney is not sure how to act in the complex ethical situation he has a right to appeal to the Board of the respective attorney Chamber of the RF subject for Clarification which he cannot be denied.


Article 5:

1. The professional independence of an attorney is a necessary prerequisite of his trustworthiness.