Международная ассоциация финансового права
Международная ассоциация финансового права

Objectives and activities of IAFL

The public organization assisting to develop the science of financial law ⌠International Association of financial law■ is based on membership and is a voluntary and independent public association of people who work professionally in the field of financial law. It is founded in accordance with the Federal Law ⌠On public associations■ №82-FL of 19 May 1995. In its activities the Association is guided by the principles of voluntary and equal membership, self government, lawfulness, openness. The Association has its own seal, logo and other necessary attributes of a public organization.

The main objection of the Association is to assist too develop financial law as a field of law and an academic course in the system of law education. To achieve this goal the Associations sets the following objectives:

-          to analyze development of financial legislation, to work out scientific approaches to solving the urgent problems of its application, to develop the theory of financial law as a field of law;

-          to participate in the work of state authorities and bodies to improve financial legislation and the practice of its application;

-          to increase the level of knowledge in the field of financial law among population, to promote legal education among civil servants employees of different companies and organizations;

-          to provide legal and methods assistance to organizations and individuals in the field of financial law;

-          to participate in appraisal interviews, professional development and training courses for lawyers in the field of financial law.

Международная ассоциация финансового права.

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