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Economic Bar of Sverdlovsk Oblast is an independent association of attorneys – at-law which specializes in providing legal advice on various business-related matters.

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+7 (343) 371-57-49
+7 (343) 371-64-52
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Ural state law academy

The high professional level of a practitioner can also be ensured by high-quality education, specialization and research activities. This factor has determined the special links of the Economic Bar of Sverdlovsk oblast with the Urals State Law Academy: the majority of the Bar▓s attorneys have degrees of Candidate of law or Doctor of law and are also lecturers at the Academy.

It is universally recognized that high-quality and all-rounded higher education in law can only be provided today by those higher education institutions which have highly qualified lecturers, scientific schools, educational traditions.

The Urals State Law Academy is just the one. In 75 years since it was founded it has become the leading higher education institution in Russia. 65 Doctors of law, professors and 200 Candidates of law, assistance professors are working here The Academy graduates work in different regions of Russia and abroad. Many of them hold top positions in state authorities judicial authorities and law enforcement bodies.

At present the Academy is carrying out a wide range of education programs for training bachelors, specialists, holders of master▓s degree in law. 7 institutes and 10 departments train lawyers to work for courts, public prosecutors office, notaries, advocacy; in banking, insurance, investment spheres, in companies and organizations of all forms of ownership; in state and municipal authorities. Post-graduate education is carried out through post-graduate courses, doctorate programs, the institute for professional development and refresher courses.