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Ex professo - With competence

Economic Bar of Sverdlovsk Oblast is an independent association of attorneys – at-law which specializes in providing legal advice on various business-related matters.

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+7 (343) 371-64-52
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Standard agreements

 Agreement on providing legal aid


Legal aid to clients is performed in accordance with the agreement concluded (standard, as a rule) which provides either for a retained lawyer or for carrying out a particular mission.

Depending on the character of legal services performed payment is defined either as on agreed fixed sum or can be calculated on the basis of agreed hourly rates of attorneys working on the case.

The amount of payment is always settled individually on the basis of the documents submitted by the client and the preliminary appraisal of the position on the case. The amount of payment depends on the category and complexity of the case, the volume of the work planned and its effectiveness, the qualification and the number of attorneys working on the case, the public significance of the of the case and other objective factors, determining the character of the case.

The proceedings on the case are as a rule, carried out by several attorneys, specializing in the relevant field. The obviously hopeless client▓s position on the case can be the reason to refuse to conclude an agreement on the part of the Bar. In this case a client can be offered alternative of his\ her legal right and interests.