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Ex professo - With competence

Economic Bar of Sverdlovsk Oblast is an independent association of attorneys – at-law which specializes in providing legal advice on various business-related matters.

Our Phones:
+7 (343) 371-57-49
+7 (343) 371-64-52
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Among the services provided to corporate clients o f the Bar we can point out the following:


-          complex support of investment projects including tax planning and the legal support of ecological expert appraisal, also securing the right the right to a plot of land;

-          full legal provision of business activities, including banking, insurance and foreign trade activities;

-          legal support of construction projects and projects of reconstruction real estate built earlier;

-          legal support of securities translations, including taxation matters;

-          defending client-s business right and interests in arbitration tribunals, courts of general jurisdiction and government authorities;

-          legal aid in tax and custom disputes, handling tax and customs cases in arbitration tribunals, courts of general jurisdiction, RF Constitutional Court;

-          participation in negotiations, drafting business contracts, preparation of recommendation and legal opinion on complicated matters of business and other economic activities, including tax planning;

-          planning and legal support in complex restructuring registration procedures;

-          legal provision of privatization of land plots or other states or municipal property;

-          provision legal aid in insolvency cases bankruptcy;

-          legal support of election campaigns;

-          legal defense of intellectual property;

-          representing interests in the RF Constitutional court and in the existing normative acts of local government and authorities.


The attorneys of the Bar also provide legal support of the activities of non-profit organizations, including cultural institutions, political parties, public movements, government bodies and local authorities.

Besides, individuals are provided services on the matters of civil, labor, family, administrative and criminal law, criminal process.

When it is necessary the Bar ensures that qualified experts of relevant expertise participate in the case and expert opinions and recommendations of well-known scholars specializing in the relevant branches of law are received.

Case cooperation with major investment organizations allows to secure all pends of securities emission and the work with professional appraisers – to carry out quick and complex appraisal of any assets of companies. liasing with auditors and notaries enables to find complex solutions in the legally established order to any tasks set by client.